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After some careful consideration, we thought of a better way to bring you more content from Rav Schachter instead of how we initially approached this new web site. So, for now, please go to this page on whenever you want to see Rav Schachter’s latest piskei halacha resulting from Coronavirus shaylas. We will add anyone who subscribed to notices from this web site to the email list on TorahWeb so you get the new piskei halacha as they come out. We will not be adding any more to this site.

Stay tuned for an even better site, with much more content from Rav Schachter!

Piskei Halacha on Coronavirus Shaylas: Consuming Kitniyos on Pesach for Health Reasons, Selling Chametz That One Can’t Access or That One is Not Sure of Its Location

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NO LONGER UPDATING THIS SITE – please go here on for an up to date list of Rav Schachter’s teshuvas on Coronavirus. We hope to bring you another site with additional content from Rav Schachter soon, once we look into some technical issues.