Piskei Halacha on Coronavirus

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NO LONGER UPDATING THIS SITE – please go here on TorahWeb.org for an up to date list of Rav Schachter’s teshuvas on Coronavirus. We hope to bring you another site with additional content from Rav Schachter soon, once we look into some technical issues.

Making an Eruv Tavshilin and Eruv Chatzeiros Under Circumstances of Social Distancing

Getting Married Without Ten Men Present

Ordering Chametz on Pesach Which Will be Packed and Delivered After Pesach

Triage in Critical Care

Haircuts on Chol HaMoed and Sefira

Making a Minyan, Individuals Reading Shir HaShirim, Women Should Shower After Going to the Mikvah

Hallel After Maariv on the Night of the Seder, How and When We Will Stop Saying “Mashiv Haruach”

Reading the Parsha From a Chumash, Reviewing the Parsha, Naming a Baby Without a Minyan

Consuming Kitniyos on Pesach for Health Reasons, Selling Chametz That One Can’t Access or That One is Not Sure of Its Location

Picking Up a Relative From the Hospital on Shabbos

Dishwashers, Minhagim, Burning Chometz

Use of Electronic Devices on Yom Tov for the Isolated

Tevilas Keilim When the Mikvah is Closed, Fast of the First Born on Erev Pesach, Selling Chometz from Home

An Open Letter from Dr. Daniel Berman and Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, and Psak Halachah from Rav Hershel Schachter

Message Regarding Coronavirus, Psak Regarding Tefillah B’Tzibbur

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